light wind solution

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

This year is ridiculous how light and rare the wind is. It started last year already and I built a crazy square door to see “how low can you go”. To my surprise a concave sidecut board similar to a well known brand works really freakin well in lighter breeze.

A 165x50cm seems huge but if you want lightwind performance that IS what you need. If you already have a typical board 135×40 then you need a big jump in size to make a difference. Another factor which is huge in the planing department is to have a flat a rocker as you can handle. It is hard to believe until you ride a concave sidecut board but rocker can be almost zilch and no spray in the face…….

Another surprise to me was how smooth a 165 board is in chop. It straddles the peaks and does not bounce around like a surfboard does. It is like a long wheelbase car.  Not great on the turns but rolls along the highway super smooth.

Due the success of the 165 I am building a 150×45.

Pics to follow.


  1. Ken McGlade says:

    I can vouch for all of this…..I’ve tried the 165 light wind weapon, and at 245lb. I can get out in the light stuff with the rest of them. Had one ride in Cape Hatteras where, it was just me on the “patio door” and another guy on a good size surfboard who were able to ride. Everyone else was sitting on the beach waiting for stronger breeze. Stan is right, she is surprisingly smooth for a BIG board. I’m always going to have one of these in my quiver.


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