Cooked in the press @60psi/60 Celsius for 24hrs. Flatline rocker and kite optimal sidecut radius 13m. The horizontal rock maple veneer core build  looks good so far. Now for some snow to see how it holds up.

Rubber strips go on top of the steel edge to improve the resistance to delamination over temperature cycles. They also decouple the edge from the core somewhat decreasing vibration. The big air bag press is in the background.

New skateboard sandwich maple core.

Steel edges being applied to graphite ptex base.


Pentax w60 helmet cam

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Fun on the speed3 19

SBX 8th Sept.

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Brian Taguchi upRISING

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19m speed3 10knots

My name is WOODMAN

For Ellie and Jeremy

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Ken in super light wind

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The wind was dead onshore and no whitecaps to be seen.   We did not have a windmeter but it was well below 10mph in the puffs. Ken was using his new speed3 19 and custom light-air board.

JC board testing in Cuba

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photo by ACE

John Clark in Cuba digging for clams. Nice spray man!


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Here is my latest project a 5’7″ fish. All those years building windsurfers has come back to haunt me….Back to the future.

Core is 1.5lb eps and mahogany veneer skins.

\kitesurfboard5'7" directional

Bottom layup.


Here she is with strap inserts sanded and ready for a hotcoat.

surfboard sanded

Put in the probox quad fin box. Nice system with templates that align and hold during rein infusion.


After sanding the boxes flush and a little PU shine. Added the coaster LOL.


Bare board 6lbs! If she snaps I can add some stuff but I will jump first run.

Kim hates it!



chop your door

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I made this 150×45 with enough rail material that it could be chopped down to 135-40cm.  I rode her today and it has great lowend in door mode. I layed out a standard 135×40 board beside so you can see what I mean. The chopdoor has enough extra solid rail that it could be made smaller to suit you needs depending on your weight and skill level.



light wind solution

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This year is ridiculous how light and rare the wind is. It started last year already and I built a crazy square door to see “how low can you go”. To my surprise a concave sidecut board similar to a well known brand works really freakin well in lighter breeze.

A 165x50cm seems huge but if you want lightwind performance that IS what you need. If you already have a typical board 135×40 then you need a big jump in size to make a difference. Another factor which is huge in the planing department is to have a flat a rocker as you can handle. It is hard to believe until you ride a concave sidecut board but rocker can be almost zilch and no spray in the face…….

Another surprise to me was how smooth a 165 board is in chop. It straddles the peaks and does not bounce around like a surfboard does. It is like a long wheelbase car.  Not great on the turns but rolls along the highway super smooth.

Due the success of the 165 I am building a 150×45.

Pics to follow.