chop your door

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I made this 150×45 with enough rail material that it could be chopped down to 135-40cm.  I rode her today and it has great lowend in door mode. I layed out a standard 135×40 board beside so you can see what I mean. The chopdoor has enough extra solid rail that it could be made smaller to suit you needs depending on your weight and skill level.




light wind solution

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This year is ridiculous how light and rare the wind is. It started last year already and I built a crazy square door to see “how low can you go”. To my surprise a concave sidecut board similar to a well known brand works really freakin well in lighter breeze.

A 165x50cm seems huge but if you want lightwind performance that IS what you need. If you already have a typical board 135×40 then you need a big jump in size to make a difference. Another factor which is huge in the planing department is to have a flat a rocker as you can handle. It is hard to believe until you ride a concave sidecut board but rocker can be almost zilch and no spray in the face…….

Another surprise to me was how smooth a 165 board is in chop. It straddles the peaks and does not bounce around like a surfboard does. It is like a long wheelbase car.  Not great on the turns but rolls along the highway super smooth.

Due the success of the 165 I am building a 150×45.

Pics to follow.


cape hatteras april 2009

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hatteras-april16 080

Windego kiteboarding Blog.

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Welcome to the Windego blog.  Here I will add information about what we are cooking in the press.